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Cascade through time and discover life's greatest secret.

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About Timeless

What is time?

How is it measured?

How can it be optimized to fulfill life’s purpose?

These questions have puzzled mankind for centuries, leading many on quests for the illusive fountain of youth and other secrets of time. Timeless is an allegorical tale of a traveler’s journey to discover the mysterious nature of time. Kathy and Victor Brook blend elements of reality, fantasy, history, spirituality and science in this odyssey, following destiny’s call to the four corners of the earth and addressing key questions regarding existence and the human experience.


Told in first-person narration, the traveler’s expedition takes him from discovering ancient artifacts to allowing them to guide his path and ultimately take him through lessons from ancient civilizations. At each stage of the journey, the traveler moves closer to unveiling life’s greatest secret…

… and cascading through time.

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Author's Note

Discovering the Cascade


When the journey to write TIMELESS began, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect, although we did hope to have an exciting story to share. Every step would offer an opportunity to learn special lessons, turn over each and every stone and light a new path. Overtime we learned that the ones receiving the instructions, or unique directions as they may be, were the two of us. Ultimately the journey unearthed personal treasures that continue to help lead our lives toward this line that is solely ours to follow.


     It is our hope for the reader that this book guides you toward your own special journey, finding hidden gems, nuggets of wisdom and surprising gifts as you begin to discover the “perfect line” that was designed especially for you.


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About the Authors

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Kathy Brook has created a highly accomplished and inspirational 20-year career as an elite health and wellness trainer and coach. Her philosophy has always been that she never sees age, just the heart and soul of her clients. As a former professional runway model, Kathy continues to pursue her love for fashion, lifestyle, and nutrition as she expands her KathyBrookWellness brand.

Victor Brook is an entrepreneur and investment manager, with a background in business development. As a former stockbroker, college football player and model, he has continued to nurture his expertise and passion for athletics, sports and fitness, and the pursuit of optimal living.

Kathy and Victor exude devotion to the love of family. With four successful children who all attended Division I colleges as student athletes, they have always found that their greatest reward is gathering inspiration from each other.

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