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8mm Rewinder [BETTER]

I bet there is nothing wrong with using the camcorder to rewind tapes (except slower speed may be andbeing able to use camcorder at the same time). To any one suggesting that using the rewinder saves the motors in the camcorder I've got this question. If the camcorder motor is bound to fail from "overuse", would you rather it failed sooner (while you stillhave the original or extended warranty) or later (when you've got nothing).- igor

8mm rewinder

Unless you're really, really impatient, I don't see any reason notto go ahead and rewind the tape in the VCR. There is nothing inVHS or 8mm transports that is subject to much wear or stress byfast winding. Playing is a lot worse since the supply reel has tobe backtensioned and the the takeup hub tensioned with a slipclutch. Maybe somebody will make a device that lets me play a tapewithout putting it in my VCR :-). That would save a lot of headwear too.Beta transports are different becuase they leave the tape wrappedloosely on the drum while fast winding. A boluxed up tape couldpotentially do some nasty stuff if it broke while fast winding....but.... You take a chance ejecting a beta tape in the middleaway from the leader. The tape is much thinner and more fragilethan the leader, so you take a chance creasing the tape whileunwrapping the drum. If you have a beta tape, play it to the end,eject it, then pop it in the sludge-O-matic munchmaster rewinderfor rewinding if you must.Specifically about camcorders: Those little 8-mm camcorders allhave loaders that would make Rube Goldberg proud. I think I'davoid any unnecessary insert / eject of tapes. I've adjusted guideposts on beta and VHS VCRs and that is a tedious and annoying job.Just getting the cover off a little VHS-C or 8mm devil isbewildering. I had a Sony TR7 apart to fix a switch problem. Ithink I'll leave camcorder transport porblems to somebody else.I think I'd pool the bucks that would have gone to a rewinder witha few more bucks and buy an extended warranty. Camcorders andlarge screen TVs are the only two home appliances I'd even give asecond thought for buying a service contract.Bill-- Bill Mayhew NEOUCOM Computer Services DepartmentRootstown, OH 44272-9995 USA phone: ....!uunet!aablue!neoucom!wtmvia internet: (

>A salesman at Camera World of Oregon said he STRONGLY advised against>the use of 8mm rewinders (actually any tape rewinders). He said he>had seen too many tapes destroyed by them. He said I would really have>to be belligerent to get him to sell me one! >He said that service men he had talked to had never had a camcorder>that needed repair from overuse of rewind (how could they tell, I wonder?)>>Such unusual behavior from a salesman caused me to think seriously about>the use of rewinders. I have never had a bad experience with VHS and>BETA rewinders but I have always used pretty good ones from SOLIDEX>that have end dectectors and soft stops. SOLIDEX also makes one for>8mm.>>I am soliciting input from the net about rewinders. Especially 8mm.>Does anyone use them? Good or bad experiences? Brands that are good>or bad?

I really want one of these, and it has nothing to do with saving wear onmy camcorder. It simply costs me too much time to rewind diligently whileI am in an editing session.Generally, there's a "current" tape in the camcorder, with the tape counterreading the current position. So I remove the current tape and begin editingwith other source tapes. Then I reset the counter to zero (I keep them allrewound to the beginning). After using the tape, I rewind it, which can takeseveral minutes. Then after I am all done, I replace the current tape, rewindit, and reset the tape counter. Then I FF it to the current position. Allthis adds a lot of time to my editing sessions. So I would really like to geta rewinder.But I wouldn't trust my tapes to any off-brands. I intend to someday breakdown and buy the Sony 8mm rewinder, which is called BE-V8. It also iscapable of erasing tapes during FF or rewind. The damned thing costs realmoney, however, over $100. I would trust that the Sony unit would not abusemy tapes. It uses 4 AA batteries or an external 6V power supply.I've seen 3 other 8mm units besides the Solidex, by Azden, Lenmar, and Ambico. At least the first two have some means of sensing the end of the tape sothey may be fairly safe. But all three are kind of ugly and they all cost about $40.You can see all 3 of these 3rd-party machines in the Planet Electronicsscatalog, 800-542-8811.Being a Sony-phile, and valuing my tapes, I'll probably someday wind up witha Sony winder.Regards,Jay KellerSanta Clara, California, USAInternet:

EdwinI like the change of the spool retaining system. You now have a threaded shaft, with a knurled hand tightening nut to retain the spools.Such retaining system was used in most 35mm cinema rewinders. 041b061a72


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